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Director Nephrology & Chief of Renal Transplant Services

Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi Kerala, India

Dr Abi Abraham is recognized nationally as well as internationally as an expert in the field of nephrology and kidney transplantation. After a brilliant academic career both as an undergraduate and postgraduate student from the prestigious Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, he worked as a faculty there for 7 years. As a core faculty member he was actively involved in patient care, training of postgraduates and research. His publications in optimizing immunosuppression, post-transplant infections, lupus nephritis (SLE) and electrolyte disorders have been widely cited and helped the department in adopting various strategies. He was in involved in the care of more than 1000 renal transplants which were performed at the centre when he was there and the management of complex cases referred to CMC Vellore from the rest of the country. He left CMC as Associate Professor and since 2002 he has been with Lakeshore Hospital. He set up the department of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation (along with the transplant surgeon) in VPS Lakeshore. Of nearly 850 renal transplants (live donor as well as deceased donor) done at VPS Lakeshore till now,550 patients had been under his care. Under his leadership, VPS Lakeshore has emerged as

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